Sharing our hope in Jesus Christ through acceptance, love, and care.

Project Hope Sunday

Hope is not just a thing, it is an action. The focus on this Sunday is on our neighbors, community, and living out our mission to share our hope in Jesus Christ through acceptance, love, and care.

Global Outreaches

We believe in being part of our global community by being globally minded in building the kingdom. Just as Jesus said to, "go into all the world" we want to be a part of what the Holy Spirit is doing worldwide.

Our vision involves three important parts of global ministry:

  • 1. Pray for the worldwide work of the Lord by specifically praying with our missionaries as they give field reports.
  • 2. To faithfully contribute to the support of our workers worldwide with giving over and above our tithe
  • 3. Go and assist on short-term missions trips to assist in ministry and building as well as cultivate a renewed awareness of the work going in other countries.

We presently support these missionaries worldwide.

Gary and Tamara Webb -- Phoenix, AZ

American Indian College - Phoenix, AZ

Bob and Lynne Rose - Italy

Dan and Joy West - Spain

Norman and Cheryl Knoodle - Latin America Library Services

We continue to support them with our prayers and financial commitments