Sharing our hope in Jesus Christ through acceptance, love, and care.

Teen Ministry

Our young people are important to our church. There are always some exciting things to be a part of during the month. Check out the calendar for upcoming events in which to take part.

Youth Group

We are learning how to live out our faith in a relevant way. We meet for special events at church. Be apart of developing relationships, games, worship and messages that deal with the challenges of growing up in this world as a follower of Jesus. We meet downstairs in the Youth Room at noon every first and third Sunday. The Youth Group is led by Pastor Todd Forrest.

Message from Pastor Todd

The teenage years can be some of the most confusing and discouraging times of life. However, they do not have to be. As each young person goes through these years, there is a place where they can be accepted as they are, grow in the knowledge of God and understand what life is all about. This why we have youth ministry at Fountain Hills Christian Center (FHCC).

The purpose of life as a teenager goes far beyond the party this weekend, or the next paycheck from that minimum wage job or the next relationship or the next 100 friends on Facebook. Serving Jesus as a teenager is a time to gain strong foundations to carry you through life. You have a mission to accomplish. You have the unique gift of being a part of the only common funnel of our society. Your public school.

Personal growth comes from more than just personal care but accomplishing the mission right at our doorstep. FHCC youth desire to change the world by reaching their schools and learning what it means to be an active follower of Christ in everything they do now and in all they grow into becoming.

The Youth Group page can be found at: The FHCC Youth Group